Learning that humans are better than machines – Measurecamp Melbourne 2018 Talk

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Measurecamp Melbourne 2018 was held on Feb 24th 2018.

My talk focused on the fallibility of machines and artificial intelligence. In my opinion, everyone is in a rush to develop an “intelligent model” to solve their business problems – without recognising such models are highly dependent on a number of factors as to their actual usefulness – most important of which is “who, or what is managing the model”?.

The Human brain has 86 billion neurons, 100 trillion interconnections and 1000 proteins. Its been said that the entire internet can be replicated by one brain.

Will an intelligent model solve all your problems – and if so what is the future for analysts?

Slides here: https://www.slideshare.net/ScottSunderland/learning-that-humans-are-better-than-machines-88872026