Talk I gave at Web Analytics Wednesday Melbounre on 2018-11-21, going over my side project: using machine learning to determine users’ most frequently used emojis and assess their emotions.

This is a really technical in-depth look at 3 major components of the Google Cloud Platform: Google App Engine, Google ML, Google Cloud Storage - as well as a thorough going over of Python - the language that the whole framework was built in.

So whats it all about?! For Iphone users, the will be very familiar with the “Frequently Used” section in their emoji keyboard. It shows a 5x6 grid of emojis used recently by the user. (There is obviously an underlyijng algorithm that favours rarely used emojis top appear here.

The idea was to garner these emojis and assess a users “emotional state” over the most recent period. In the talk below - we go through all aspects of the design we came up to get this project moving.