New Strategic Partnership: Tribalism & FlexisourceIT

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New Strategic Partnership: Tribalism & Flexisourceit

Tribalism would like to announce we have formed a strategic partnership with FlexisourceIT, an Australian/Philippines company with offices in Melbourne and Manilla. CEO Richard Gross, based in Melbourne, has a vast array of experience and contacts across the Australian IT scene and is a great guy to work with.


There are natural synergies between both companies. FlexisourceIT is trying to develop its digital marketing offering alongside its already very strong application and web development products.

Tribalism will offer guidance, support, training and strategy for Flexisource across the areas of digital marketing, web/app tracking, reporting automation and tagging.

Specific areas/tools include: Google Ads (search and display), SEO, Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics, Google Cloud Platform and related analytics technologies.

In return, Flexisource will support Tribalism with technologies Tribalism is less competent in eg: C#, .Net, PHP, React.JS and Selenium. It will also provide a backbone of ongoing support and service level standards for the innovative products Tribalism is renowned for building - including machine learning analytics, automated reporting and clever tagging.

Tribalism recommends any current or prospective clients interested in exploring offshore IT resourcing options to contact FlexisourceIT They have already delivered excellent work for us on the google cloud platform and selenium - and we will continue to work together on similar technologies moving forward.


Scott Sunderland

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