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200+ websites, GA360 and Roll-Up Reporting

Universal Music Australia manages a very large stable of artist websites including: Tame Impala, Crowded House, Empire of the Sun and many more. In fact it manages upwards of 200 artist websites! Imagine setting up the one goal across 200 sites… staying on top of this enormous amount of sites is a massive challenge that requires Universal Music to be smarter about how it manages its digital marketing set up. (We say requires – present tense – because managing the digital marketing setup is a continual process, one that evolves with new artists, new tools and new infrastructure).

The initial major problem here is that the maximum property limit for a google analytics account is 50 properties. In certain cases Google will allow you to increase this limit – and Universal Music had already done this for one account (increased to 100). It still meant that Universal had multiple accounts just to contain the huge amount of artists websites it managed.

But Universal has an ace up its sleeve. Being part of the Global Universal Music group it has access to Google Analytics 360, Google’s premium/paid analytics service. With this cred Universal was in a good position to negotiate with Google to increase its property limits.

Around the same time – Google made a surprise and awesome announcement on Sep 13th, 2016. Properties could now be be moved across accounts. This was amazing for Universal. It meant that all the properties it had split across 5+ Google Accounts due to the legacy strategy implemented at the time, could now all be moved into the one account! This would make account management much easier… but would also allow for Rollup Reporting!

Roll-Up Reporting
One of the many excellent features of GA360 is Rollup Reporting (Google definition). Rollup Reporting allows for multiple websites, sub-domains and properties to be reported on simultaneously in an executive style reporting view. Users moving across related source properties automatically have their sessions stitched under this setup. As result the number of sessions in a rollup report may be less than the sum of sessions across all properties.

This setup was perfect for Universal – who are very interested in how users may move across their related websites. Below we show how Rollup reporting would look for an example account. As you can see extra reports are added to the GA interface under the new section “Roll up Reporting”.

Rollup Reporting Example

Training Session & Results
Tribalism ran a full day training session with 15 Universal Music staff focusing on its major web properties and rollup reporting. As part of the session and investigations leading up to it – Universal realised its reporting was massively under-reporting its social traffic – by as much as four times!! A not very well understand problem with traffic that comes from apps such as Facebook – is that it can be incorrectly reported as direct traffic. For extra info on this see here.

Universal identified a large proportion of their users where on mobile and using the facebook app – something confirmed across all sites quickly with Rollup Reporting! This information provides Unoversal the data to back its ongoing social marketing efforts – which are in fact proving very successful!

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