Our Disability Action Plan


A warm hello to all clients, prospective clients, employees and anyone with an interest in Tribalism. We are committed to a non-discriminatory workplace and this action plan particularly covers people with a disability.

Disability can come in many forms and it is our company policy to be aware of this and to recognise the special care and/or consideration that needs to be taken to interact and work with people with a disability.

We commit to following this action plan and to continue to improve and update it on a yearly basis in line with the review process outlined below.

Thank you,
Scott Sunderland

Business case snapshot

According to the Australian Network on Disability, 4 million australians, or almost 1 in 5 people have some form of disability. This rises to 50.7% of the population for those aged 65 and over. These are staggering statistics.

By not recognising these numbers we are ignoring a significant proportion of the population and their living circumstances. There is also a potential we are missing out on business opportunities by only providing (or appearing to provide) services to non-disabled persons.

By taking a lead in offering services to people with a disability we are also in a position to take a lead on our competitors by having a more welcoming policy and better strategy when dealing with these people.

Summary of audit

  • As of 2018 we currently have no Disability Action Plan. This document is intended to remedy that. (March 2018)
  • We have not actively promoted any KPIs in terms of getting new business or new employees/subcontractors who are people with a disability
  • Our website is not optimised for web accessibility

Key goals and targets

  • Employment: By 2020, if we have grown to 10 staff we aim to have hired one person with a disability
  • Policies for carers: By 2020 we will have flexible leave in place for carers
  • Access Physical: By 2020, our workplace will have extra access considerations for people with a disability
  • Communication barriers: By March 2019 our website will conform to web accessibility standards
  • Purchasing from Australian Disability Enterprises (previously Business Services): By July 2020, we will purchase one service from an Australian Disability Enterprise

Actions for change

  • Barrier to access – Lack of access considerations for people with a disability at our workplace. Ensure our next workplace has an active disability access policy and conforms to this action plan.
  • Costs – Potentially higher office rent costs, est $1200pa – but not likely
  • Responsibility – Founder – Scott Sunderland
  • Accountability – Diversity Lead (TBA)

Process for review

Each year on March 5th, the Responsibility (Founder) and Accountability (Diversity Lead) officers will meet for 2 hours to go over each part of this action plan and measure compliance.

Where compliance has been lacking – more detailed strategies will be developed by the above two officers and added to this policy.

The results of this process will be communicated to the rest of the business within 1 week of the meeting and details published on the company website.

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