Bizcap Case Study

Web Development Optimised for SEO & User Experience

Bizcap: Australia's Most Open Minded Lender

The finance industry is extremely competitive, especially for small start up companies, such as Bizcap - Australia’s most open minded lender.


There are many companies competing against each other and offering different types of business loans. Bizcap has made it their goal to improve their digital presence in order to stand out against their competitors. Here at Tribalism, we have worked with Bizcap on SEO optimization as well as, keyword research, web development, social media campaign management and much more. Throughout the rest of this case study we will explain our processes and what the outcomes have been.

Web Development Optimised for SEO

Here at Tribalism we have many different approaches for improving our clients digital presence, especially web design and development. We have multiple processes and techniques for optimizing SEO including competitor analysis, keyword research, UX, page load speed and what we believe is most important - imagery/design.

Our dedicated team researched and documented the top ranking keywords for particular terms in the finance industry through the use of Google Ads Keyword Planner, Google Trends and many other useful tools such as ahrefs.

Based on this knowledge we then managed to create multiple landing pages, as well as competitor's pages which improved Bizcap’s Google Ads quality scores.

Before & After Designs

The bottom left image is what the Bizcap homepage used to look like, and the image to the right is what it looks like currently - after adapting to the trends and research our team discovered .

You can see a big improvement here through in the layout/design, fonts and social proof.

The use of badges and trust pilot for social proof, the image of a young female business owner to portray social equality, and the easier to read and more appealing text and font size.

Most importantly the placement of the Apply Now button and application form layout which has led to more submissions.


Old Website

New & Improved Website

Competitors Landing Pages

We also created a competitor's comparison page to increase Bizcap’s quality score for competitor keywords.


Competitors Comparison Table

Did it work?

It is clearly shown in the table and graph below the effect of creating new pages and repurposing current pages that we obtained a positive outcome and achieved our goals in relation to page ranking and improving Bizcap’s Google Ads Quality Score.


Below you can see we have been steadily improving average position and impressions greatly. Although we have a long way to go in a competitive field - we’re excited with the progress to date.


User Experience - Page Loading Speed Issues

One key aspect of SEO is to ensure that the page loading speed is good. Upon investigation we discovered, the First Contentful Paint time required a lot of optimization. We conducted the following optimizations to improve the load speed.

  • Identified a list of plugins that are currently used in the website and deleted all non-required plugins
  • Ensured optimal image sizes were used, reduced resolution while maintaining visual quality
  • Removed unused scripts and external links

We built dashboards to aggregate data from multiple sources in order to monitor their performance. We did this by connecting Google Ads, Google Analytics and Google Search Console to Google Data Studio, and built a centralized dashboard to monitor performance of marketing campaigns over time from multiple angles.

Did it work?

The First Contentful Paint time reduced by 50%

Attributing successful loan applications to sources and paid keywords

It took some time but with our experienced team as well as tools and programs, we managed to find a solution .

Firstly we used a script to generate a random unique ID for every loan application form submitted. We then attach this ID to the form as they are submitted and recorded in Salesforce. Through the use of Google Tag Manager and its Data Layer we managed to transfer this unique ID into Google Analytics. We then extracted this unique ID, the source/medium and the keyword of the corresponding paid keyword of all records from Google Analytics and exported it to a Google Sheet. We then extracted the loan application record from Salesforce with the unique ID and exported that to Google Sheet and then joined the two tables together.

Did it work?

We now have a full list of records of successful loan applications along with their source/medium and the corresponding keyword - which allows for attributing these successful loan applications back to the Paid Keywords in Google (Last touch attribution), which was used to optimize marketing spending.

“Tribalism has been nothing but a pleasure to work with accross two seperate companies. The Tribalism team have thorough technical knowledge and know how to communicate it to those with less technical know-how. Highly reccomend them!”

Rebecca Del Rio, Head of Marketing & Development / Bizcap


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