David Jones and Country Road Group

Tribalism work on various GA/GTM/DS/SEO business problems

David Jones and Country Road Group

The retail industry is extremely competitive - especially online shopping, which has become No. 1 priority for majority people throughout global Pandemic. Here at Tribalism, we work with David Jones and Country Road Group stores to maintain and enrich their digital presence.

David Jones and Country Road Group logos.

Stores we are working with: David Jones, Country Road, Politix, Trenery, Mimco, Witchery

David Jones store

Country Road Group store

Politix store

Trenery store

Mimco store

Witchery store

  • David Jones is the oldest department store in the world still trading under its original name, offering a blend of Australian and international designer fashion, homewares and cosmetics.
  • Country Road Group is one of Australia's largest specialty fashion retailers, comprising five iconic brands - Country Road, Mimco, Trenery, Witchery and Politix.

Here at Tribalism, we are helping clients across all David Jones and Country Road Group companies with their various requests related to Google Tag Manager (GTM), Google Analytics (GA), Data Studio (DS) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Throughout the rest of this case study we will describe some of our work.

Time sensitive business needs

Larger the business, greather the need for time sensitive tags

David Jones and Country Road Group is a large collection of websites, and each website has over a hundred of Google Tag Manager tags. With time, as the business grows - there is even higher need to set website tags in order to understand what customers are requiring. However, having a large amount of various tags - it becomes very hard to track and manage.


We at Tribalism are actively helping clients with setting and optimizing various tracking tags throughout all brands. We have set up a helpdesk service in order to be of timely help when needed. This has proven to be extremely useful as we are able to act very fast and solve issues.

Time sensitive issues are most often unpredictable and thus it is crucial that a large business has a helpdesk service available. For instance, when due to a website upgrade certain tracking was interupted - Tribalism was there immediately to locate and change tags to accomodate the new upgrades.

Time sensitive service was proven to be useful in numerous occasions. Recently clients planned to launch a new campaign, and Tribalism was there to set tracking tags and reporting dashboards for clients way before launch, so that staff are completely prepared to receive campaign data.

Website cookies and optimization

Too many website cookies can negatively impact its performance

David Jones had so many tags and associated cookies from marketing and related tags that it was triggering security protocols and logging out users incorrectly.


In order to optimize and reduce the current load of the David Jones website, we at Tribalism conducted a detailed review of all GTM tags and browser cookies. The most challenging part of such a project is to correctly associate individual cookies with certain providers, as not all cookies have a nice identifiable names.

As a result we provided clients with recommendations for removing low priority marketing services and removing cookies that are irrelevant or obsolete, which would make the website performance better. This project involved larger collaboration between Tribalism, internal clients and web developers.

Data Studio (DS)

Tribalism helped clients with maintaining existing and creating new dashboards.
For many different internal clients across all of their websites, we made various Data Studio dashboards. In addition to dashboards, we at Tribalism were also involded in providing analysis, as well as insights on various findings.

Some Examples of Data Studio dashboards

  • Sales analysis - Creating yearly report for a specific department.
  • Singup overview - Creating a dashboard around customer signup in order to understand where they are coming from.
  • Model impacts - Evaluation whether and how a model may impacted a certain product.
  • Product availability - Evaluation of product availability and possible connection to product views and purchases.
Data Studio dashboards examples

Some dashboard examples (blurred to respect clients privacy)

Google Tag Manager (GTM)

Tribalism helped clients tag specific items accross all stores and set various tracking pixels.

Some Examples of Google Tag Manager Requests

  • Pinterest pixel
  • Verizon/Yahoo pixel
  • SFMC Einstein pixel
  • Google Ads Remarketing
  • Banner interaction and interaction with specific links/buttons and pages

Tribalism have set Pinterest, Verizon/Yahoo and Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) Einstein tracking for Politix shop. Throughout this work, many custom HTML scripts and custom JavaScripts were connected to specific visitor/shopping actions such as: viewing product, viewing product category, adding products to cart, adding products to whishlist and purchasing products.

Besides installing new pixels, Tribalism made various custom Google Analytics tracking tags. One example is tracking interactions with specific Denim banners on the Witchery site.

Denim hub with individual sections on the Witchery website

Denim hub with individual sections on the Witchery website.

Another GA tag example is related to visitor engagement where Tribalism implemented URL-Fragment tracking. Such tracking is present on a specific store page in order to evaluate how much customers explore products. Details about URL-fragments are described in a blog post and you can read here

Custom JavaScript variables

Cleaning up custom JavaScript variables

In order to clean up and optimize the David Jones GTM container - there were over 70 custom JavaScript varibales which needed to be reviewed.


In order to provide a detailed overview and path towards optimization, we at Tribalism reviewed all custom JavaScript variables from the store's GTM container. The most challenging part of this project was the code review - since a) custom JavaScripts were written by many people, and b) only a handful of codes had comments to describe the code. We were reading through the code and making short descriptions, then we were testing the code to see its output and whether it can or can not be replaced with the dataLayer variables.


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