Quallogi Case Study

Video Campaign Creation & New Website/App Launch


Quallogi is one of our most unique clients here at Tribalism - not only are they making the transportation industry safer with the creation of their EWD app, but they have also recently launched a new website that we created for them.

Tribalism has created both image and video campaigns and managed to target a specific audience via venue location at the Brisbane Truck Show earlier this year.

We have many processes towards campaign creation and in particular have seen excellent results in regards to our clients video campaigns, which have come about after we have created a video storyboard.

The following case study will go into more detail about our processes here at Tribalism and the excellent results we have achieved for Quallogi and many of our other clientele.

Facebook Camapigns - Advanced Targeting

Tribalism conducted research of the entire truckie market and audience for each social media platform (Facebook & LinkedIn) in order to determine the most appropriate platform to deliver the campaigns on. It was discovered that Facebook is where the majority of the truckie audience is, however we still released campaigns on both platforms after having created specific messaging for the image and video campaigns.

The Facebook campaign had a broader audience, whereas LinkedIn a more niche audience, targeting Transport Managers only. We also managed to target a 1 mile radius around the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre for the Brisbane Truck Show event that Quallogi attended early this year.

This was one of our most successful campaigns garnishing 27,000 impressions and 55 link clicks for $124 spent over 2 days.


Targetting 1 mile radius around the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre for the Brisbane Truck Show

Video Campaign Creation

We workshopped with the Quallogi team whilst creating the video campaign in regards to writing the script, hiring actors, videographers, editing the scenes, as well as the video itself.

Below is an example of part of the video storyboard we used to edit the first video campaign:


Did it work?

Yes - based on our Facebook & LinkedIn reports, which we also made into a dashboard on Google Data Studio - we can see that the video campaign had higher engagement in comparison to the regular image campaigns.

Although the image campaign had higher reach and impressions on Facebook, the video got more link clicks, therefore proving its success.

See below:



New Website & App Launch

Tribalism created a user-friendly and informative version of the Quallogi website on wordpress that included engaging videos and moving images, as well as subscription functionality.

We ensured the new and improved website had the appropriate links for the app store and play store, infographics in a card style interface design, products available for purchase, as well as an excellent, up to date blog section.

Here is a preview of the improved website below:




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