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April 2021

We here at Tribalism we have come to the conclusion that a large proportion of our clients really want to know: "How can I grow my business?". Naturally when Tribalism is involved, our clients are thinking digital marketing... but in reality - growth is growth. Whether it comes from a clever ad campaign on facebook or word of mouth, the end goal/result is the same. More revenue, more or better customers etc.


Generally clients will approach us to manage "one specific arm" of their digital marketing platform - for example: "can you take over the management of our google ads account" or "can you create one from scratch?". This approach still forms the basis of much of what we do today... there's nothing wrong with managing these tools. They are essential.. however the are one part of a larger mix.

Military Tactics and Digital Marketing

The military tactics in digital marketing talk Scott gave in 2016 is useful here. (Side note: we've been looking to update the thinking from this talk for a while - and our new product has given us the impetus to do this. Stay tuned!!! :-)). The major ideas in this talk were:

  1. Get trust and respect from your team - Is everyone in the organisation facing the same way? Sun Tzu said respect is gained by being caring but strict when you need to be. 2020 example: cut down on internal empires. Rotate leaders and staff around teams.
  2. Know yourself and your enemies - do proper/thorough market research - be up to date. 2020 example: have an integrated dashboard showing what both you (your marketing channels) AND your enemies (ahrefs etc) are doing
  3. Use combined arms - only having one marketing channel is borderline suicidal. Guerilla marketing recommends 20. 2020 example: What channels have you not considered? Reddit? Radio? Youtube? Podcasts.
  4. Good team structure/communication - Do not work in Silos. In small teams keep messaging simple. Keep everything integrated. 2020 example: having a facebook team divorced from the adwords team is not smart
  5. Decision making - you will be wrong, be humble, factor error into your judgments. 2020 example: when starting a new facebook campaign idea, test the waters first. Small budget, short time frame. Reassess and change as needed.

But there's more... the talk above was given with a focus on digital marketing tools. The fact is marketing is a broader concept. We describe its: "the actions taken to increase visibility or improve the targeting of that visibility, so that adoption of our ideas, products or services increases". We think that there has been a subtle shift away from this idea to a narrower focus on "clicks, audiences and impressions".

Check out the first episode of our new growth hacking series!:

Marketers need to ask themselves "if I've increased any or all of clicks, audiences and impressions, has that really led to increased adoption of my idea or product?" Check out Scott's talk from Measurecamp Melbourne 2020 discussing Right time, Right place advertising, which shows that as powerful as these tools are: the actual message used is way more important.

Growth Hacking - our new product

Introducing Growth Hacking. Here we aim to strip back the siloed thinking of digital marketing tools/platforms and actively look for creative ways to change the status quo. Maybe this is taking things back to the golden age of advertising or just "old school marketing". Sure, there's a sizable chunk of that.

The difference is we have the benefit of many years of in depth digital experiences. We know how the tools work. We understand the numbers (eg fraud) and digital behaviour better than we used to and most importantly: we know that behaviour is constantly changing! The world is constantly changing.

See above for how Reddit has steadily overtaken Twitter on google trends in Australia

Now. Our concept of growth hacking is not just about "marketing channels". Probably the biggest and most effective changes you can make do not involve your marketing channels at all. They involve your systems, your processes, your shopfront, your website, your app - all those "owned activities" that will translate into that bottom line outcome: adoption of your ideas, products or services.

Our growth hacking dossier will account for all of these areas and then overlay with traditional marketing ideas with a focus on digital. It is a truly useful document as opposed to a sales pitch for a particular marketing channel. What's more we have the internal expertise to implement its recommendations.

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