Youtube Marketing

You know your business needs to invest in video to avoid being left behind. You may have seen the stats.

Youtube SEO - is a thing!

YouTube videos dominate more and more search results:

Youtube SEO

Plenty of videos online describing how to rank better in Google!

But there’s a difference between throwing videos at the wall and having a very specific strategy. We want you to be a subject matter expert with a new (and optimised) customer funnel.

What does the search traffic say your audience wants to watch and learn? How long should the videos be and what behaviour are we driving? At Tribalism we research your industry, your competitors, your keywords. Only then can we create content that will create customer action.

Betfair Australia/Tribalism Case Study

A recent example was the work we did at Betfair Australia. Creating the strategy, producing the content and managing the talent.

Results of this work include:

This success can be attributed to focusing on a highly valuable sub-segment in their market and focusing on the right keywords. Consistency plays it role too.

Now, let us do the same for your business. We’re video marketing nerds and we LOVE this stuff. Let us help you before this opportunity passes you in 2020 and your competitors beat you to it!

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