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What history can teach us about data visualization

Take a look at these data visualizations...

They help show the power of data visualisation to convey drab or complex data in powerful and instinctive ways. As beautiful as they are - handcrafted and neatly put together - they are not merely a "convenient" way of communication.

They were hugely influential in changing policy, ideas, ignorant views and dramatically helping society move forward in a positive way.

Florence Nightingales' Polar Maps (also known as Coxcombs) from the Crimean War (1853-1856)

Courtesy: of University of Houston

W.E.B. Du Bois Data Visualization series at the Exposition Universelle in Paris 1900.

Courtesy: of Tableau

Take another look at those dates: 1850s and 1900... these visualizations would look cutting edge in any dashboard today! They show that Data Visualization isnt about the latest technical tool or wizbang data plugin. It is about the data. It is about the story you can tell. Once you have interesting data and an interesting story to tell, you can get extremely creative.. and possibly even change the world! 😀

Check out our Data Studio Work! Click Image/link below

One of the main tools we work with here at Tribalism is Google Data Studio. Data Studio is a free tool by Google that allows you to develop professional looking dashboards and connect them to a variety of data sources. To see more on data studio and in particlualr our work on it - including some free templates! please go here:

Tribalism Google Data Studio Example

Examples of our Data Studio work

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