I held this off for a while… but with Measurecamp Melbourne imminent tomorrow – heres a look back at last November in Sydney when we did the GAIQ live on stage…


No study, using a crappy on stage computer, live audience “helpfully” shouting things out throughout.

A great way to do the exam, under big time pressure and massive heckling. Jack Golding v Scott Sunderland (ie Me).

Behold 30 mins condensed into 3mins (this is actually the last 40 secs) in this fly through video. There is no sound and the video is not super entertaining (wish we had captured the “assistance” from the crowd on audio)! But the high 5s at the end are good.

Scott’s exam is on the left screen, Jack’s is on the right screen.

We both scraped a pass. Pass score is 80% – Jack got 80% and Scott got 85%.

For more information on the exam go here: GAIQ Exam Info

Note – you normally have 90 mins to complete the 70 questions. Thanks for Reading!