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Using Streamlit To Build Web Applications

Introduction to Streamlit: a tool to create fast and friendly web applications.

Posted: Jan, 2024
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Tribalism News July 2022

The third Measurecamp Auckland
event occured on June 18th 2022. Tribalism was there to join in the fun at the fisrt Measurecamp in the southern hemisphere since October 2019 in Sydney.

There was a turnout of roughly 80 attendees, sadly, but thankfully as well...

Posted: July, 2022
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How to predict website traffic in 4 steps

Making website traffic prediction models suitable for small websites.
We made website traffic prediction models in Python and placed output to Data Studio for live monitoring.

Posted: April, 2022
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GA4 - UA Deprecation Date - Our Opinion

GA4 is better than Universal analytics... at measuring website/app performance. The event based model is seriously cool and having 50 data slots per event (instead of the current 3) is awesome! The new tools like explorer are really neat.

Posted: Mar, 2022
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Bringing a website back from the dead!

Back in 2012/13/14 I got into building my own websites and the most consequential one was Now this was just a small website - it only consisted of 6 blog posts, an about me page and a contact me page. But its framework of wordpress/cornerstone/x-theme would become the basis of the first Tribalism website created in October 2016.

Posted: Feb, 2022
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Track URL Fragments With Google Tag Manager

When your webpage dynamicaly changes URL as visitor scrolls though the page content, you should not use Scroll Depth tracker to see Visitor engagement, but instead you can track URL fragments. Read this article for more information.

Posted: Jan, 2022
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Has Your LinkedIn Campaign Been Rejected? (June 2021)

Here at Tribalism one of our many talents is campaign management and media creation. We have worked with multiple clients from different industries, and have worked on many different types of campaigns and have ...

Posted: Jun, 2021
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Skitch Not Working On Your Mac? (May 2021)

Is skitch not working on your mac? Skitch is one of our favourite tools here at Tribalism... except when it crashed on every mac update. For the latest Big Sur May 2021 update see how to get it working again here...

Posted: May, 2021
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International day of the World's Indigenous People, August 9

August 9th marks the annual International day of the World's Indigenous People. In this time of Global pandemic, more than ever indigenous peoples of the world need particular consideration...

Posted: Aug, 2020
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