Skitch Not Working On Mac? (May 2021)

Save yourself a couple of hours from reading irrelevant articles on this delivered by google and get your answers here

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Fix Skitch Not Working on Mac Issues

Is skitch not working on your mac? Skitch is one of our favourite tools here at Tribalism... except when it crashed on every mac update. For the latest Big Sur May 2021 update see how to get it working again here...


Look familiar?

Google will show you what it thinks are "helpful" forum posts.. (hint they are not helpful forum posts)

Most "tutorials" you'll find claiming to fix skitch not working on mac issues are just glorified fluff pieces or that dont deal wit hthe issue at all - or are an annoying series of random forums posts on either apple support or - more annoyingly (because you need to create an account and login first to even read) - Evernote forums - yeah Skitch is owned by Evernote... who knew? For some reason everytime Mac OS updates - any app (well mainly Skitch it seems like) that usese "screen recording" loses the plot... Skitch will only start recording the background

Heres the actual fix

Anyways here is the fix (the full fix not the half assed fixes you'll find online from 2 years ago..)

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Choose Security & Privacy
  3. Choose the Privacy Tab
  4. Scroll down to Screen Recording
  5. Tick the checkbox next to Skitch app <- if no checkbox or not appearing, click the +/- sign below the box to add the Skitch app to the list

  1. Now for the coup de grace....

  1. Tick allow screen recording for this app also - and viola!

Its working again and you dont have to waste 1.5hrs like we didnt sifting through irrelevant google search results and crappy forums with irrelevant answers. Please share far and wide with afflicted people - to spare them the pain we went through! Cheers!



Scott Sunderland

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