Scott Sunderland


What can I say about myself? I like long walks on the beach staring off into the sunset... I also like smart, techy things and artistic things. Ive got a mathemetics background and for a long time Ive felt like a human calculator - much coding and data manipulaton stuff I can do with my eyes closed or pick up super quick. My true passion is building useful and memorable stuff - whether thats awesome wesbites or awesome data models or an awesome coffee table - I like the job done well!!!
Im seriously good using any tool in this field, not world leading in any one of them - Im just very good at all of them. We're talking BigQuery, Google Analtyics, Google Tag Manager, Facebook Business Manager etc etc
Outside of work I also like sport, especially NBA, but anything really. I like scienceworks spotswood's tours of the solar system with cocktails, good beer week at Mr West and board games eg Scythe and Kings Dilemma. Im a huge fan of the NGV and I love street art. Former massive traveler pre covid Ive been to most places in Asia.

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