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Overview of our Social Media Marketing Services

15 million Aussies are on Facebook.Over 10 million are on linkedin and 5.3 million on Twitter

The global pandemic has obviously sent social media usage through the roof. But just as we are using social media more, people are more savvy with their time. They'll turn off quickly if your ads is in any way annoying, intrusive or inappropriate

Our experience as shown the importance of 1. formulating the right audience, 2. formulating the right message and 3. delivering it in an engaging way.

Sounds easy right? Well yes and no… it really comes down to how much work you put in. Having the experience and knowhow of the tools you need and what to do in advance will give you a massive advantage - and thats where we come in 😀

Actual examples of our analytical approach & expertise


Campaign Management

Reports in Data Studio

Video Ads Production

LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Insta... you need them all!!

Gone are the days of “setting and forgetting” ads on Facebook. People spend time on all of the various platforms, for different reasons. Some of the platforms are more likely to attract certain demographics of people. While all of that sounds obvious, managing your messaging across all of these platforms is far from it.

Not only that, knowing the idiosyncrasies of the tools used on each platform is not easy. You need to be everywhere, with a crafted message for each platform - but how?

Our difference

Campaign Management
  1. Experts in Facebook Business Suite (incoluding Instagram), Linkedin Campaign Manager, Twitter Ads
  2. We've run counteless campaigns across all the major platforms and know their pain points
  3. We check all our campaigns in a daily standup meeting to make sure your campaigs are runing at their best
  4. We structure campaigns the right way - so you'll find what you need easily

Event specific targeting

Linkedin Conversions

Linkedin Custom Audiences
Advanced Analytics
  1. We are experts in Google Tag Manager
  2. Our first step is to install pixels for your campaign landing pages
  3. We tag up your campaigns properly so the right conversion events are recorded and campaign optimised accordingly
  4. We have best in breed reporting through Data Studio
  5. Want to see if that qualified lead converted offline? We use advanced analytics through 3rd party platforms like GTM and salesforce to link up your offline sales.
Memorable Creative
  1. We painstakingly research your audience to come up with the best messaging you need
  2. We actively create ads and video both ourselves and with the assistance of our partners at FlexisourceIT and Messy Design
  3. We can create camapigns relevant to the size of your budget

“The work completed for Prezzee has not only improved the analytics and tagging functions, but also had a positive impact of user experience as well as improvements to Prezzee’s back end processes.”

Renee Gangemi, Director at The Marketing Equation / Prezzee

Our guarantee to you:

  • No Lock in Contracts
  • We treat your campaigns as if they were my own
  • Full transparency over the costs, you have admin access to the account
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction, Real Results
  • All keywords are carefully selected. We don't want you to have unwanted traffic that you pay for

Our Approach

We see digital marketing as a great relationship, from the very first chat to a happily ever after. Here's how it works:

  1. Fill in the form at the bottom of this page: During the call, we get to know each other, to understand your goals and for you to understand how we can help you. (We get to know each other on our first date!)
  2. We get down to creating a marketing plan for you: The plan will be specifically tailored to your business needs and goals(This is where the magic happens! Sparks flies, butterflies in stomach, think of the possibilities!)
  3. We execute your marketing plan: This is where you watch your revenue grow. (Like any good date, we hit the ground running and it’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced before)
  4. Grow, Win, Celebrate! (Wedding! Okay maybe that’s too soon…)

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